How Light weight is the product?  This product provides the look and feel of wrought iron without the weight. Constructed out of 100% reclaimed wood fiber and formaldehyde-free resin, it is about 1/10 of the weight of conventional wrought iron.  

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Step 1: Choose Your Iron Insert Design with Spring Shutters

The first step in the process is choosing the design that best suits your specific design needs.

Window Julie after DSC_0133.JPG
  • Our custom iron designs are built to fit any shape or space - circles, arches, rectangles, squares, trapezoids, ANYTHING!

  • From modern geometrics, arabic curves, european classics, you can choose from our ironwork designs and motifs.

  • You can also provide your own your own design or design concept and our design artists will custom design it for you.

  • Add a monogram, match the iron design of a chandelier, match any existing ironwork, match a picture, let us know, we can do it.

Choosing or modifying a style from our design catalog is easy! If you have questions about a design or pattern, let one of our design experts work with you to ensure you get the exact style and design your project. Give us a call to set up an free in home estimate.

Step 2: Choose Your Iron Inset Shape

The second step in accenting your specific design is choosing the proper shape to fit your desired space. Our custom designs are built to fit any shape or space - circles, arches, rectangles, squares, ANYTHING! We come to your home and measure and get a understanding of your of your door, window, niche or any other desired space and we do the rest.

Step 3: Choose Your Iron Insert Finish

 The third and final step in building your piece is to decide on the finish
After extensive testing and development, we now have the ability to offer our customers the top ranked aesthetic finishes - 

We currently offer eight unique finish styles that are sure to meet any design needs:

  • Black Iron

  • Rust     

  • Custom Colors available please ask.     

Installing Your Iron InsertDesign Pieces We do it for you.

Because Iron Inserts  is lightweight it is easier to lift, place and secure. We will pre-drill the piece and include hardware for attaching directly into drywall or laterally into a window or niche casement. 
This product can be easily attached to sheetrock, metal, tile and wood.  Our pricing includes the installment/measure and templates of all the products.

Ceiling Ideas

 Create  impressive custom Ceiling Treatments. This product can be used in ceiling applications can be manufactured as one piece or multiple/split pieces to accommodate installation without removal of chandeliers, ceiling fans or fire sprinkler systems. Also be installed as coffer ceiling inserts, full-ceiling treatments and decorative skylight inserts.



Niche Ideas

Window Ideas

Cabinet Ideas

Door Overlay Ideas

Partition Screens & Room Dividers

This product can be  used as Partition Screens or Room Dividers bring elegant design to any space.

It is   customized to your specific requirements and are available in standard or custom designs, standard or custom finishes, and can be manufactured in any size and shape.

Accent Ideas

Design Patterns

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Design  002

Design 003

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