Custom Made Shutters in Northwest Houston

Shutters were originally designed for ventilation, protection, and light control. They are better at absorbing dust and as a result are more hygienic than curtains/blinds.

We make and provide you with a variety of shutters

Wood Shutters

The advantages of wood window shutters are:

  • Attractive. Wood window shutters are an attractive alternative to traditional blinds or other window treatments. The shutters are neat, and plain wood matches any room décor.

  • Protection. Wood shutters protect against sun and heat in summer and wind and cold in winter. They can be adjusted to allow varying amounts of air to enter.

  • Light control. Even where they’re closed, wood shutters can be fine tuned to allow varying amounts of light to enter. The slats can also be adjusted to block light out completely.

  • Low maintenance. You don’t have to use soap and water to clean wood shutters. A light dusting here and there is all that’s needed.

Poly Shutters

The Perfect Solution for Moisture Areas

It's hard to imagine a more perfect shutter. Classically styled and crafted of eco-friendly materials, our Poly Shutters offer light control, energy efficiency and noise reduction. They are also waterproof, fire-retardant, hypoallergenic and virtually indestructible. With zero chance of fading, cracking, peeling, or warping, these durable designs result in well-styled windows for years to come. 

Polywood gives you the rich look of fine wood shutters without wood’s inherent problems. It performs better, lasting far longer than traditional wood shutters and insulating up to 70% more efficiently. Polywood shutters are composite shutters made of a solid engineered wood substitute that won’t chip, crack, warp, or split. 

Automatic Shutters

Motorization on shutters, has announced the release of its PERFECTTILT® RF SYSTEM, a new shutter motorization system that utilizes radio frequency, a technology found in high-end stern equipment that transmits up to 65 feet indoors, allowing user to easily and accurately tilt shutters automatically with a remote control in groups or all at once.

Rechargeable or Solar Option

The PERFECTTILT® RF SYSTEM comes in two configurations, both of which allow for extra capacity packs: A Standard/Rechargeable battery option, as well as a solar option with bigger, more efficient panels created for a greener and more convenient solution between battery recharges.

Since the new RF system uses radio frequency rather than traditional infrared, it can transmit signals through walls, and eliminates the often cited frustration of having to point the remote control directly at the sensor holes, of which there are none in NORMAN®’S new RF system.

Perfect for Skylights, Tall Windows

Designed for easy installation and to leave a small footprint even for hard to reach applications such as skylights and tall windows, the whisper quiet, gear driven system requires no plug-in A/C adaptor or hardwiring, and has all the internal wires concealed, completely hidden from view. 

The RF system will also include a proprietary E-Timer function that can be set up virtually by means of USB hook up to any computer or smartphone, allowing users to seamlessly program their shutters from anywhere and at any time. 

Specialty Shapes in Shutters

Our Specialty shape options help us treat a variety of challenging architectural designs found in today’s construction.  We have solutions for Arches, Eyebrows, Ovals, Octagons, Hexagons, Circles, and Rake top openings to name a few.  Although Shutters and Honeycomb shades are most commonly used for Specialty shape solutions we have several products in our lineup that also offer solutions for difficult shaped windows.

If you have unorthodox windows, we have the custom shutter solution for you. Whether you have circular, semi-circular, or other types of windows, we will work closely with you to discover the right fit.

Other Product s include Stationary Arches & Eyebrow Arches

Feature Choices:

You have a choice when it comes to Panels in a Window depending on the product you choose. Wood Has a max width of 35"

So for example if you window was over 35" Wide you would need to have 2 Panels in each Window. (See image below)

If the Window width is at 35 or below and you choose wood  you have the option of choosing 1 panel for each window.

(See image below)

The Shutters in this photo are 1 panel each in each window

Design Tip: Using Tilt Bars and the smaller louvers give the shutters a more traditional look while the larger louvres and the clear view option provide visibility, light and a more contemporary look. The louvers still operate together with the clear view option, but without the obvious center bar. There is no cost difference between these options.